Counselling & Prayer: +234 810 180 5747, +234 810 180 4747

Counselling & Prayer: +234 810 180 5747, +234 810 180 4747

About Dorcas Foundation

Dorcas Foundation is an organization that takes care of the hurting and the less privileged. Nigeria is a country where the rich are getting richer and the poor seems to be getting poorer and many are dying in grief. The plight of the widows in Nigeria is such that many do not care to look at or show any concern about it.

Widows and the fatherless are neglected most of the time by the families of their deceased husbands and fathers. In many cases, immediately the man dies, his property is taken over by his family members; the woman may be pushed out of the house or even accused of being the murderer or killer of her husband. She hurts and at the same time struggles with the problems of taking care of her children.

There are widows who have to work round the clock to obtain an an-intangible salary that can’t get anywhere as far as the children upkeep and education is concerned. Many are living in perpetual sorrow, confusion and bitterness. Nobody to encourage them and thereby a load of life’s problem becomes too heavy for them to carry.

Somebody must care for these people. One person that cares makes a difference. Dorcas Foundation is making a demand on all Nigerians to rise up to the defence of the widows and the fatherless. The love you show can go a long way.

It is in this light that Dorcas Foundation has been established, to put smiles on the faces of these people, to restore their hope and to give them a feeling of belonging in their fatherland. If their husband’s family will not care, somebody must care! If their father’s family will not care somebody must care and that person could be you.

We are challenging you to join us in helping these mothers and children, you can do it and you will do art. The Foundation through your support hopes to provide a forum for counselling widows. Counselling is aimed at helping them overcome immediate challenges and re-establishing them in society.

God willing, we shall support in the payment of school fees of the fatherless, provide career counselling for their children as well as help them. Enrol them to learn suitable trades, Our main focus is the widow and fatherless in Nigeria we would establish farm settlements where widows who have been rejected can find gainful employment while produce from these settlements would be sold to provide upkeep for inmates, this To put smiles back on crying faces and joy and hope to wounded hearts.


Full commitment to bringing succour to widows and the less privileged by creating awareness and generating the means and resources required to alleviate their plights.


* Seminars and symposia
* Sponsoring
* Farm settlement production and job opportunities and less privilege.
* Discussion and phone in programmes on radio and T.V.
* Enlightenment programmes on T.V.
* Sales of farm products to eateries and corporate bodies.

* Providing forum for counselling and guidance.
* Educational endowment to children of widows.
* Re-establishing them into the society Financially and emotionally.
* Food products for sales and supply such as Rice, Beans, Garri, Poultry: Eggs, Chicken, Turkey, Yams, Yam Flour, Meat Products, Fish Products, Provisions like Milk, Sugar, Tea, Margarine, Sardines and Corned beef.


To see. the yoke lifted and burdens removed from the less privileged and impoverished children as we can reach.
To re-orientate our people on the right way to treat and handle widows who have just lost their husbands and to erase the evil of widow’s ill-treatment that is prevalent in our culture.
To provide reorientation regarding the misconception prevalent in Nigeria culture.

Misconceptions such as:
* The husband is killed by the wife.
* Making an outcast of the widows from their husband’s home and family,
* Removal of husbands’ household equipment properties claiming they belong to their brother or son.

To provide reorientation on cultural laws that dehumanize bathing the corpse. widows such as making the widow drink the water used in bathing the corpse.
* Swearing at oracles.
* Transferring by force to another man in the family against the will of the widow.
* Sleeping with the corpse.

Femi Seun Dada David the President and Founder of Dorcas Foundation is the Resident Pastor of All Believers Congregation Inc., Lagos, Nigeria.
A graduate of Home Economics, she is a woman sold out to the welfare and upkeep of The less privileged and the oppressed in Nigeria. Seun Dada a recipient of the Woman of Merit an awardee of the MCFN Honours Fellowship of Nigeria Incorporated. She factor in many homes where her- widely revered.
She ensures blossoming of dried homes- and families by creating avenue for emotional and physical healing and material support as proof of her heavens mandate.
Her heart goes towards the comfort of people and with her team of men and women of such. They are launching out to see that joy and comfort is restored into as many down-casted and broken hearts as they come across.